Over a 5-year period, a very smart scientist figured out how to make an extract of oak wood, his main aim was to help in the wine industry for the reduction of SO2, everyone knows how much we love those blessed SO2 headaches the day after a few solid bottles of Napa’s finest and with a global drive to limit SO2 whilst having a natural and organic source of a preservative drove him to find a solution, revolutionizing wine preservation.

Our brain trust figured out a highly sequenced process where we would take the best oak wood money could buy and extracted the core and potent congeners that stops this same wood from rotting and drying out over millennia, yes that long! The oldest oak trees living today are well over 1000 years, many of them are based in the UK, have a look here at one of the recent discoveries.

The process was perfected during this time, and we began supplying wineries under pressure to remove or reduce SO2.

在 5 年的时间里,一位非常聪明的科学家想出了如何制作橡木提取物,他的主要目标是帮助葡萄酒行业减少二氧化硫,每个人都知道我们是多么喜欢那些幸运的 SO2 头痛后的第二天几瓶 Napa 最好的实心瓶,以及全球限制 SO2 的努力,同时拥有天然和有机的防腐剂来源,促使他找到了解决方案。

我们的智囊团想出了一个高度有序的过程,我们将利用金钱可以买到的最好的橡木木材,提取核心和有效的同系物,以防止这种木材在数千年内腐烂和干燥,是的,那么久!今天生活的最古老的橡树已经有 1000 多年的历史了,其中许多都位于英国,在这里看看最近的发现之一。

在此期间,该过程得到了完善,我们开始在压力下为酿酒厂提供去除或减少 SO2 的产品