Our passion at Brewshield is to produce the highest quality products that have a profound impact on the brewing process and that enhance the quality of the beer we work with. At Brewshield, our commitment to quality and sustainability drives us to consistently and diligently use the highest quality natural raw materials in our production processes, in a considerate and sustainable manner.

We aim to continue innovating, to continue to work with our customers, and to follow and take advice from them and the market trends.

我们在 Brewshield 的热情是生产最优质的产品,这些产品对酿造过程产生深远的影响,并提高我们使用的啤酒的质量。为此,我们在生产过程中始终如一、勤奋地使用最优质的天然原材料,以周到和可持续的方式。